When To Use Temporary Propping In London? Check our Temporary Propping Systems & Propping Support in London!


Nearly all building projects are going to need some form of propping system at some point during the process. This might simply be the scaffolding that allows personnel and machinery to work effectively on the structure.

More often than not though, a temporary propping system like timber beams and metal poles (falsework) is needed. This can be for new-builds and for renovation projects. When propworks are assigned to a construction, calculations are made to ensure their effectiveness and safety. Sometimes these structured props can be put under as much stress as 90% of their total strength.

Need to know when to use temporary propping in London? Not sure what propping needs your London buildings require? We’re here to offer propping support, London wide.

In almost all building projects, some form of propping system is required. From the scaffolding that allows personnel and machinery to work effectively on the structure, to other parts of propping support, across London, propping is key.

Frequently, a temporary propping system, such as timber beams and metal poles (falsework) is needed, whether for new-builds or renovation projects. Our propping support experts make precise calculations, ensuring the effectiveness and safety of your project.

Temporary Propping, Permanent Quality

At Alexson, our reputation is built on solid ground, and our commitment is to deliver popping support to London clients, giving them peace of mind and professional guarantees. Whether temporary propping systems or propping support for large scale commercial projects, we’ll support you all the way.

steel reinforcement structure for the basement construction made by steelwork contractors London

Advantages using Temporary Propping Works

When a building is under construction, there are additional loads that need to be supported, this is done by propping support London Systems. Propping London services have grown over the last few decades because of the high volume of new buildings being constructed. Propping  London companies are frequently asked to improve the speed when it comes to propping support London work So that projects can be completed sooner and customers can get a return on their investments sooner. The use of propping can in actual fact give maximum results and reduce cost.

At Alexson we provide propping support London services typically in the early striking of a concrete structure. The benefits this provides include:

  1. Allowing access to the supporting floors earlier for trades and services.
  2. Allowing more re-use of formwork material with propping support.
  3. Maximises the use of space and plant equipment by reducing the formwork on site.

Alexson - The best choice for Propping in London High Quality Temporary Propping Systems just for you!

Propping in London

Whether it’s construction of a new building, or restoration of an older one, propping in London plays a critical role in the industry. At Alexson, we take our clients’ requirements seriously, and see safety in propping across London as something we will never compromise on.

Creating structural integrity for any building is essential, whether it’s through temporary propping in and old London structure, or propping support for a new build. Companies across London rely on propping, which is where we come in.

Our experienced teams use quality equipment, ensuring the reliability of the propping systems they provide all over London.

Propping Support

Using agile, versatile building methods, Alexson continues to provide trusted propping support to London clients with projects of all sizes. Propping in London represents a critical part of creating structural integrity of buildings, from large corporate premises to smaller private properties.

For us at Alexson, getting the most experienced team to your site ensures that our propping support in London continues to offer peace of mind for customers, delivering high

Regardless of the size of walls, the scale of building work, our propping support is available in London, and our teams of experts ready to deliver safe, sturdy, successful results.

Temporary Propping Systems

At Alexson, our temporary propping systems in London continue to provide critical structural integrity to buildings of all kinds and sizes.

Working with architects and on site engineers, our temporary propping tradesmen are there to ensure both safety and structure, from removing large walls or columns, to full scale building construction assistance.

Our professionals are fully trained, experienced in heavy equipment usage, giving customers peace of mind for all their temporary propping systems projects in London.

From supporting existing buildings, to creating structural integrity at new sites, our propping in London delivers, guaranteeing all our temporary propping work in London.