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ALEXSON Local Groundwork Companies London
Professional Groundwork Constructions in London & Nearby Suburbs

At Alexson Structural & Groundwork Ltd, we strive for excellence in all that we do.

As one of the leading groundworks companies in London, we have decades of experience working with all types and ages of building. Our capital city is steeped in history and, as such, the buildings are of varying designs and forms of construction. Therefore, no day and no project is the same as a premier groundwork contractor in London.

Our services range from; prepping land for new constructions, to repairing and sustaining existing buildings. This can involve pilling, underpinning, reinforcing concrete, temporary propping, and structural steelwork. Essentially, all forms of groundworks construction.

As you would expect from one of the leading groundworks construction companies in London, we’re always looking to improve and refine our work. Alexson Structural & Groundwork Ltd is in a constant state of research and development - testing out the latest equipment, products, and industry technologies.

Customer-focused. Research-driven. In search of excellence. We welcome you on board as a potential new customer.


Groundworks Construction - Choose Alexson as your Groundworks Contractors & Groundwork Companies London!


Our groundwork construction service begins with a thorough investigation of the site. Unlike many other groundwork companies in London, we have a reputation for bringing our projects in on time and on budget. This all starts with careful assessment and planning during the groundwork construction stage of the job. Optimal tools, materials, and manpower are then subsequently deployed.


Underpinning foundations of the main building or underpinning basements are a common service for us in this ancient city we call London. The reason being? Very often buildings are repurposed for different uses, changing from factories or warehouses into apartments. Other times, the foundations are just in serious need of strengthening due to age. A specialist underpinning company like us is then called in.

Basement Construction

Renovating an existing basement construction, or building a basement into a property, is one of our prime services and something that we’re very well-known for here at Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd. With land being expensive, and properties being tightly packed together in central London, people opt for a new build basement construction to create more space and value.


With the complexity of the buildings and the land underneath them, we’ve needed to become experts in all types of piling methods. Whether your building needs contiguous piling, sheet piling, or traditional post piling construction methods - we’ll know the best course of action. Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd has the machinery needed for grundomat piling situations also.

Temporary Propping Work

With restoration and repurposing being so commonplace among the urban landscape of London, temporary propping systems are a necessary string-to-our-bow here at Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd. Spend any reasonable amount of time in London and you’ll start to notice propworks everywhere. Our propping support methods and practices have been deployed in some of the capital’s most well-known areas.

Reinforcement Concrete

Steel reinforced concrete slabs are bread-and-butter for a lot of the groundworks and foundational building that we do here at Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd. Very often, we’ll need to employ a strategy of using concrete wire mesh as a way to reinforce the concrete frame constructions of the projects we’re working on. Our years of experience in the industry help us make the right decision for each project.

Form Works

Your project may need the use of a strategy known as formwork construction. Basically, formworks are molding structures - and they can be either temporary or permanent. Timber formworks, aluminum formworks, and concrete formworks all have their place in the construction process. Whatever the method, the purpose is the same - molding for further materials. We’ll need to discuss whether formworks are the right approach for you.

RC Frame

Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd is a certified RC frame contractor. Reinforced concrete frame construction is a lattice of both vertical columns and horizontal beams. Each element is connected by rigid joints. You’ll find that these structures are created monolithically in a single piece in order to preserve the maximum strength and durability of the building.

Alexson Groundwork Companies London - Why do you need to hire one of the premier groundworks contractors in London?

So you have the blueprints, the financing and the land for your new property. What’s next? It’s one of the most critical stages of your whole project: the groundworks.


Before A Brick Is Laid By Groundwork Companies London

The groundworks begin before a brick is even laid and include; site clearance, investigation of substrcuture, landscaping the terrain, soil analysis, underpinning, and many other methods of foundation laying.

Investigate Including Groundworks Construction London

As with all groundworks construction companies in London, it is standard practice at Alexson to make an initial ground investigation of the project site. We need to ensure the ground is stable enough for the proposed structure, and identify all past land uses. This allows us to solve potential challenges before structural groundwork begins.

The Foundations In Groundworks Construction London

Many local groundworks construction companies London deliver a very similar roster of services as part of their solutions, regardless of the size of the building. Whether your project is the renovation of an existing building or the creation of a new one, foundational groundworks follow the investigation stage. This includes such methods as; underpinning, piling, RC frames, and formworks. At Alexson, we’ll work with you to ensure your project is built on solid foundations - leading to a successful building construction overall.

Get Free Consultancy in our Groundwork Companies London

We’re one of a select few groundworks contractors in London that are happy to give a comprehensive, no-obligation, FREE CONSULTATION for your commercial or domestic project.
When we say ‘comprehensive’ - we mean it. Our experts will delve deep into the complexities and unique challenges of your project. This way, we can give you the best estimate as to time, energy and cost. More information, helping you to make a better decision.
Our aim is to become your ‘go-to’ local groundwork company in London. We want to build long-term relationships and we understand the best way to do this is with good planning, exceptional customer service, and great prices.

Why should you choose our Groundworks Contractors & Groundwork Companies in London & Nearby Suburbs ?

Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd is one of the leading, full-service groundworks contractors in London. We have experience in underpinning, basement construction, piling, structural steelwork, temporary propping work, reinforced concrete projects, RC frames, and formworks. No other groundworks companies in London offer such a comprehensive service.

The Alexson Difference

What makes Alexson different from other groundwork construction companies in London? We have professional & highly-trained staff, with a responsive & attentive customer service that is second-to-none. Our unrivalled workmanship provides innovative solutions to the most complex and challenging projects. Pricing is competitive with market rates and our quotes are based upon on-time delivery of work. With more satisfied customers every single day, our track-record for success is unmatchable.

Full-Service Groundworks Construction London

Whether you have an existing building that needs foundational support with the likes of unpinning, piling, structural steelworks, basement renovations, or formworks solutions. Or you have a demolition site/wasteland that needs reforming in place for a new build, Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd is the answer.

Environmentally Responsible

In the times that we live in, it’s important to know that local groundwork companies in London are conscious of the environment. Working on expansive commercial projects, with a lot of machinery and materials, we understand that it’s our duty to our part in protecting the environment.

Dedicated & Qualified Professionals

Of course, all of our managers and staff are fully qualified and our machinery is certified and regularly checked by technicians. Impeccable health and safety are a prerequisite. But beyond this, our staff are true career-professional groundwork contractors with a dedication and passion for what they do.

ALEXSON Groundwork Companies London Building our Reputation with Solid Foundations

If you need one of the most trusted groundwork companies in London, Alexson is the team to call. From groundworks construction for a new house to groundworks construction on your London home property extension, we will work with you to get the job done, professionally and efficiently.

We are proud to boast a team of highly experienced groundworks contractors working across London on all kinds of projects, using customer satisfaction as their focus and never dropping their standards.Our groundworks construction services in London include large scale residential work as well as commercial properties. As one of the most reliable groundworks construction companies in London our experience and reputation continues to grow.

Since our inception as a company, we have done groundworks construction all over London, from working on buildings in historic business neighbourhoods to homes in leafy residential suburbs, making us one of the groundworks construction companies in London that offers versatility as well as service and results based guarantees. With their years of industry experience, our talented and expert groundworks contractors in London are able to deliver everything from foundations to drainage, offering bespoke project plans regardless of building design or structure.

At Alexson, we believe in truly outstanding customer service, something that makes us one of the most popular groundworks construction companies anywhere in London. All our work is done by our in-house team of highly experienced groundworks contractors to ensure that your results are what you expect and deserve allowing us to build our reputation as we build your groundworks. When it comes to groundworks construction in London, Alexson sets industry standards that our customers have come to know and trust.


Alexson - The best Groundwork Companies London We will take care of all your Groundworks Construction needs!

Groundwork Companies

If you’re looking for one of the trusted groundworks companies in London, Alexson fits the bill. Our years of experience have helped us build our reputation, and our teams of accredited groundworks contractors ensure that our work is of the highest quality.

With so many groundworks construction projects in London, selecting the right company is critical. We not only have the experience, as one of the more experienced local groundwork companies in London, we also offer industry leading guarantees for our clients.

From large projects to smaller jobs, we are one of the groundworks companies in London that has people to offer bespoke solutions, regardless of the work required.

As well as using quality materials,we deliver solid results by ensuring that our groundworks contractors work closely with clients to ensure safety, structure, and design is always our focus. When it comes to groundworks construction companies in London, trust Alexson.

Groundworks Contractors

When it comes to groundworks contractors in London, Alexson offers experienced teams who are focused on getting the results you want. As one of the groundwork companies in London with a trusted reputation, and impressive portfolio of projects, we deliver both results to impress, and service that clients appreciate.

Whether it’s a large corporate project, or a private building job, our groundworks contractors can work across London to ensure that they work closely with clients, keeping them in the loop at every stage of the job.

Using high quality materials, and ensuring industry leading safety standards, our reputation among groundworks companies in London continues to grow, and our results show that.

Using local groundworks companies in London means trusting the team you select and, at Alexson, our work is guaranteed and our working methods designed to save you time and money, without compromising on the work, every time, every project.

Groundworks Construction

From large corporate headquarters, to smaller private properties, we are a groundworks construction in London that has the experience and skill to deliver.

We continue to set industry standards, ensuring that our groundworks construction work across London is reliable, and that all our projects are completed on time, and on budget. With so much groundworks construction in London, we know that clients want their work started swiftly, and delivered efficiently.

From the use of high quality materials to our innovative building methods, we are one of the groundworks companies in London that combines cost-effective work with guarantees for our results.

Our commitment to clients gives them peace of mind, and our groundworks contractors across London work closely with customers to keep their project requirements as the focus of everything we do.

At Alexson, we set the standard for local groundworks companies in London, building for success, delivering results that last.

ALEXSON Groundwork Companies & Groundworks Contractors London

Importance of Groundwork Construction London When Constructing your Building

Sturdy groundwork when constructing in building is absolutely critical. Our groundwork contractors in London always consider the overall weight of a building, ensuring that this informs the nature of the foundation. Groundwork companies in London can all agree that any groundworks construction project relies on this as a starting point, and there’s no exception to that rule.


Why is Groundwork Construction London Important?

When it comes to groundworks companies in London, we all know that the sets of activities, from initial excavations to the actual laying of the foundations are all equally important parts of a project. Whatever the project, our groundworks contractors in London also include the laying of utilities installations are part of the work, including fiber optic cables, pipes for water works, lines for telephones and even gas pipes.

When is Groundwork Construction London Required?

When our groundworks contractors in London evaluate foundation work, they look at, and plan the necessary depth for sturdy construction results. Projects differ in both size and stature, so trusted groundworks companies in London advise whether it’s repair or new when it comes to your foundations. Whatever that decision, groundworks construction in London can both strengthen the structure as well as add to the aesthetics. As all groundworks companies will attest, groundworks is critical from the beginning to end of a project, so getting proven and experienced groundworks contractors is essential. Put simply, groundworks contractors who know their job will ensure the performance of your building in the future.

Alexson Groundworks Contractors London

Groundworks Construction London are an essential part of any construction project!


At Alexson, we know that doing groundworks construction in London can make or break the rest of a construction project, as it is an essential part of any construction job. As one of the most trusted, reliable, and experienced groundworks companies in London we do all our work to the highest standards in terms of both safety and legal requirements including ground investigation and site clearance.

In the case of ground investigation, One of the many reasons we are one of the most trusted groundwork companies in London is that we know how important ground investigation is to identify the overall condition of the site, something which then allows our groundwork contractors in London to address potential problems before construction begins. Some of the important checks we make cover overall ground stability and risk assessments.

When you choose Alexson as your groundworks company in London you can rest easy in the knowledge that we will complete your foundations safely and efficiently, working to your schedule to maximise results while minimising disruption. As our team of professional groundwork contractors across London will attest,, the overall weight of a structure relies on having a strong base to ensure the building is stable, safe and structurally sound.

Alexson is one of the leading groundwork companies in London, thanks to our vast industry experience and our commitment to quality customer service that gives peace of mind to all clients. Without exception, our groundwork contractors in London will be thorough in the way they plan projects, and will prepare the ground to bear the weight of the entire structure.

When it comes to laying a high quality drainage system, our groundworks contractors in London know just how important this is, which is why, we carefully calculate the most suitable invert levels and trench depths for laying drainage systems on site.

Our team of in-house groundwork contractors working in London will work hard to ensure that trenches are carefully dug to the required depth and gradient, providing necessary support for all the pipes. Part of our groundworks construction guarantee is that we will, upon completing the installation and before drains are backfilled, carry out a water or air pressure test to ensure the system is watertight.

When it comes to high quality, trusted, and reliable groundwork companies in London, Alexson is here to answer all your questions, and deliver the results you want and deserve, so contact us today for all your groundworks construction projects in London.

Selecting a Groundwork Contractor: Things to Consider 

When you are embarking on a  building project, getting professional groundworks contractors in London is a key element of your eventual success. Whether it is a small domestic extension or a large-scale civil engineering project, using one of the best groundworks companies in London is the best idea. 
At Alexson, we believe that groundworks companies in London should focus on: 

At Alexson we take genuine professional pride in our safety record, and we never compromise. Our groundworks contractors in London are laser focussed on making sure that every rule and regulation is complied with in full and at all times, without exception. Our groundworks contractors are trained to the highest industry standards. 

When it comes to groundworks companies in London, working with Alexson you know that you are getting groundworks contractors who are both knowledgeable as well as experienced, ensuring that the project is completed to the highest industry standards.

Budget and Timeframe
For all groundworks companies in London, budgets and timelines are two of the major elements. Experience is critical for dealing with any related issues, keeping the budget in line and the schedule on course.


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