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Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing place, when it comes to your investment, you can’t afford to gamble with the quality. Hiring professional structural steelwork contractors London can make all the difference between a reliable and durable structure.

If you need reliable and expert steelwork contractors London placed, You can’t go wrong with our professional structural steelwork London. Our highly qualified licensed engineers and general contractors ensure your investment is protected. Our trusted structural steel worker London will help and guide you through the entire process. Our team is experienced, has been specializing in an array of projects, and can quickly identify site problems and give solutions to different areas of concerns.

The reliability of structure works in construction can make all the difference for the safety of everyone in the construction process. That is why hiring our structural contractor should be your priority when outsourcing steelwork. We make sure to check every key aspect in your project and ensure that everything is up to code, providing you with the needed reports. Call us today to get a structural steelwork London contractor who focuses on efficiency, safety, quality and can move industry standards forward.


Alexson – The best Structural Steelwork London Professional Structural Steelworkers at your hand!

Structural Steelwork London

With years of experience in structural steelwork London, Alexson is the company to trust to deliver your project. Our extensive project portfolio includes structural steelwork across London, from large scale corporate projects to smaller private premises work. Our steelwork contractors London work with quality materials, and collaborate with clients to create bespoke solutions for their structural steelwork needs. Whatever your project, our structural steelwork London, delivers. Getting the right structural steel worker London, matching the experience of the tradesmen to the requirements of the project, that’s what makes Alexson a trusted structural steelwork company in London.

Structural Steelworkers London

At Alexson, we pride ourself on matching the most experienced structural steelworkers in London to the appropriate projects.

With a reputation for delivering cost effective solutions without compromising our work, every structural steel worker London works closely with clients to finalize the project requirements.

Our attention to detail for all our structural steelwork London gives both peace of mind to clients, while allowing our structural contractors across London to deliver work that sets industry standards.

With so many steelwork contractors in London, selecting the best for your job means working with Alexson, structural steelwork done properly, every time.

Structural Steelwork Contractors London

With their years of experience, and proven track records of great work, our structural steelwork contractors in London only deliver results of the highest standard.

Whether it’s a large scale, business premise structural steelwork project London’s business district, or a smaller project in the city, our structural steelwork contractors work closely with clients to focus on the construction requirements.

From start to finish, our structural steelwork teams across London use quality materials and equipment, keeping safety standards as their focus.

When it comes to structure works construction in London, let Alexson give you peace of mind for your project.

Structural Steelwork Contractors London to help you from the start of your structural steelwork project to the finish!

When you need high quality, professionally guaranteed structural steelwork London, Alexson is the company to call with the steelwork contractors to trust. We take pride in our reputation as a structure works construction London company known for delivering top quality results on all our industrial and commercial structural steelwork construction projects London placed, and beyond. We are staffed by a talented and fully accredited team of steelwork contractors London, each of whom have a wealth of experience with domestic and commercial structural steelwork construction. Our experience is shown in our online portfolio of projects, and we work closely with property developers and architects who trust us to provide them with structural steelwork contractors at their London who know how to meet the rigorous and safety-driven demands placed on the construction industry. Without exception, our structural steelwork construction work in London is done to approve execution class 2, delivering the highest safety and performance requirements in the industry. Alexons is staffed by trusted and accredited structural steelwork contractors London, a team that is able to do more than just fabrication. All our steelwork contractors have the skills and expertise to provide full, start to finish project advice. For all our structural steelwork construction London, we take time to work closely with architects and other contractors, ensuring the integrity of each structure, and guaranteeing safety requirements are met, as are client expectations. Part of our Alexson promise is to keep customers informed at every stage of our structural steelwork construction projects, from the initial site visit to completion. Our structural steelwork contractors London will work hard to deliver all projects within budget, and to the agreed schedule. Contact Alexson for all your structural steelwork London needs.

structural steelwork London

The Various Types of Structural Steelwork London Shapes

Using one of the most flexible building materials in the industry, structural steelwork London offers both strength and versatility. Our steelwork contractors London use structural steelwork to deliver high end results and incredible building work, from towering city skyscrapers to stunning bridges.

To comprehend the value of structural steelwork London construction, it’s important to discuss shapes, sizes and dimensions, which we will start to explore below.

American Standard Beam (S-Shaped)

Commonly known as an S beam, the American standard beam is often used by structural steel worker teams in London, constituting a rolled section with two parallel flanges which are connected by a web. The flanges on S-shaped beams are relatively narrow. For structural steelwork London buildings, this beam designation provides steelwork contractors at London sites information about each unit’s width and weight.

Angle (L-Shaped)

For some structural steelwork London projects, Angle beams are used, which are L shaped, with two legs that come together at a 90-degree angle. Angle beams come in equal or unequal leg sizes. As our steelwork contractors in London know, an unequal leg L beam may have one leg of 2x2x0.5 and one leg of 6x3x0.5, for example.

Hollow Steel Section (HSS)

For some structural steelwork London, contractors will opt for the HSS, a metal profile that has a hollow, tubular cross section. HSS units can be square, rectangular, circular, or elliptical. HSS structures are rounded, with radiuses that are about twice the thickness of the wall. Professional steelwork contractors in London commonly use HSS sections in welded steel frames for which units experience loading in different directions.

Channel (C-Shaped)

Another structural steelwork London option is the C channels, or C beams which have a C-shaped cross section. Channels have top and bottom flanges, with a web connecting them. Channel beams were originally designed for bridges and are often used in marine piers and other building applications by steelworks contractors in London.

Bearing Pile (H-Shaped)

When steelwork contractors in London sites cannot find a structure on a shallow foundation, they use bearing piles to design a deep foundation system. In this form of structural steelwork London, bearing piles are H-shaped to transfer loads through the pile to the tip.


Why Choose Us?
When it comes to structural steelwork London, Alexon Structural and Groundwork Company is the company to call and the professional team to trust. From prepared drawings to paint supplies to installation, our steelwork contractors in London do a complete job, guaranteed. When the structural steelwork for your London property is installed to enable the openings in walls or floors to be formed, we will get the job finished. Our structural steelworker team in London can also install more comprehensive and heavier steel frames for floor and wall support, including new mezzanine floors.

Our years of industry experience with structural steelwork London allow us to work quickly and efficiently, including flexible lead times to suit our clients. It’s this one-stop, complete package that makes us trusted structural steelwork contractors across London, taking the stress out of the work and providing quick turnaround times as fast as two days from order to installation. on straight forward contracts, including welding and fabrication on-site where required. Contact us today for all our structural steelwork needs in London.

Design and Installation of Structural Steelwork London

structural steelwork London

For all our projects we work closely with our structural steelwork contractors London, offering full design, build and installation services to meet all client requirements. Our structural steelwork London includes collaboration with our experienced structural engineers, with structural steelwork projects including full fabrication drawings, calculations and connection details. For all our structural steelwork London, fabrication is all taken care of in our fully equipped workshop by our trained fabricators to the CE mark standards and then delivered to the site. Once on site we can assemble any structure in a fast and efficient manner and can undertake any small modifications as needed.

Four Reasons to Choose Structural Steel

Ever-Changing Design Capabilities When it comes to the structural steelwork industry in London, changing technology impacts us as much as it does every industry, including steel fabrication. In years gone by, structural steelwork was more straightforward, buildings were fairly simplistic and were mainly limited in design. Fast forward to today and, with advances in technology, steel-framed structures and structural steelwork can serve a wide variety of functions and have truly become works of art.

Cost-Effectiveness Put simply, a structural steelwork building in London saves money. When compared to other traditional building materials, the price of steel typically remains relatively low, and steel parts can often be pre-engineered, decreasing construction times and saving you money, making structural steelwork economically beneficial.

Proven Durability Over Time For more than two centuries steel has been standing strong as a reliable structural material. Steel is resistant to rot, mold and shrinkage, something our steelwork contractors in London are always happy about.

Eco-Friendly Material One of the most impressive characteristics of steel, and advantage of doing structural steelwork London, is that fact that it is an environmentally friendly material that is easily recycled or reused for other purposes.

structural steelwork London