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Underpinning foundations London’s many historic buildings is a common task for us here at Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd. The aged buildings are often in need of structural support as they suffer from subsidence or poor soil qualities.

Specialist underpinning contractors London didn’t exist several hundred years ago. The buildings, therefore, have often been built on poor foundations. All too frequently, the land had been re-used and not professionally prepared for another structure.

With the repurposing of many buildings across the capital, we’re often called upon to perform mass concrete underpinning or underpinning basements to support increased usage and load.

Underpinning in London, Underpinned by Alexson’s Results

London is awash with majestic,historic buildings, and our company remains a pioneer when it comes to underpinning foundations across the capital. Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd. are proud custodians of an underpinning company in London that has a reputation as solid as the underpinning foundations we deliver.

From historic buildings in need of structural support due to subsidence or poor soil qualities, to new buildings needing underpinning foundations, London’s landscape showcases our techniques and delivers quality work to clients.

Historically, specialist underpinning contractors in London are relatively new, meaning many buildings were built on poor foundations. Forward to today, and our experts are underpinning London properties, and saving structures from decay and dereliction.

With a multitude of buildings across the capital in need of work, Alexson is equipped and experienced, ready to deliver mass concrete underpinning or underpinning basements to support increased usage.


Does your Property Need to be Underpinned? Here’s What to Do

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When it comes to underpinning work and underpinning foundations in London properties, the first and most important step is to speak to a qualified chartered surveyor and have your property inspected by a structural engineer. 
After the inspection, the report will be able to identify any structural issues which will then determine if your property needs to be, or has previously been underpinned, which can then help you get professionals on the job for our underpinning needs in London. 
For properties that are structurally unsafe and in need of underpinning, our London team is on hand to offer professional advice and expertise, giving clients peace of mind. 
For underpinning  foundations in London properties there are many methods used in the industry, but the way to avoid serious damage of potential collapse is to have all your underpinning in London done by professionals, so contact Alexson today.

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Underpinning Foundations

When it comes to underpinning in London, our reputation is as solid as our foundations. Alexson offers professional expertise and cost-effective solutions for all your underpinning foundations needs in London.

Whether it’s a large corporate office building, or a smaller residential property, our underpinning foundations will be done to the highest industry standards, and delivered by our accredited underpinning tradesmen across London.

As an underpinning company in London with years of experience, and a portfolio of projects, we offer peace of mind as well as underpinning services for all London properties.

Call us to get your underpinning in London started.

Underpinning Basement

Creating a great space starts with the integrity of the underpinning foundations that any basement requires. When it comes to structural integrity and safety standards, Alexson offers the highest quality work for all underpinning basement work in London.

With a wealth of experience to build on, we work closely with clients to design the best underpinning solution for their basement requirements, ensuring that any underpinning foundations in London provide the perfect platform for that superior basement space.

Offering time and cost-efficient underpinning in London, our basement work is guaranteed to deliver results you need at a price you can afford.

Underpinning Company

When you need an underpinning company in London, look no further than Alexson. Our proven track record, and experience of delivering underpinning foundations in London make us the underpinning company in London that you can trust.

Offering cost and time effective solutions, our experienced tradesmen have worked on underpinning in London that spans building projects from small to full scale, focusing bespoke on solutions for each one.

Whether it’s underpinning for a basement in a London home, to large scale corporate building underpinning in London, we are here to help, with our guarantee that gives peace of mind, every time.

Our Safety Procedures During Uderpinning Basement in London and Underpinning Foundations in London

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In addition, Alexsons ensures the following to underpinning clients in London:

Our underpinning team in London will conduct a full inspection before excavation 

Our underpinning experts will evaluate soil and foundation depths to decide the most effective underpinning method

When it comes to finding a professional underpinning company in London that puts safety first, Alexson is the company to call with the team to trust. For all our construction projects, including all our underpinning foundations projects we know how important and critical it is to be prepared for any eventuality. When underpinning in London, it is essential. 

Put simply, underpinning foundations in London is done under the ground a building stands on, ultimately affecting the chances of collapse, plumbing accidents or further damage, all things an underpinning company needs to take into account.

At Alexson Structural and Groundwork,  we guarantee that all our underpinning work in London adheres to all CDM (Construction Design and Management) regulations, without exception. 

Our underpinning team in London will Inspect pits for any potential instability and conduct a general ground assessment

Plan and enforce health and safety policies in all underpinning procedures

All our underpinning foundations work will be done by our highly qualified personnel for each underpinning project

Why do Buildings Need Underpinning London? Read about Alexson's Underpinning Foundations & Underpinning Basement

When it comes to underpinning foundations in London properties, it is done to strengthen building foundations, which is required as a result of subsidence, often a result of the addition of extra floors (including extensions above adjoined garages); or inadequate initial construction by the original underpinning company in London.

When you are informed that underpinning at your London home is needed, it is often because the building is sinking into the ground: a form of subsidence. As an experienced underpinning company in London, we know that this can happen because the soil beneath your home has shrunk or moved (as is reasonably common with clay-based soils), or because the ground's characteristics were improperly assessed when the original foundations were laid.

In many cases where underpinning foundations work at London properties is needed, subsidence is more likely to affect semi and detached properties, but in reality, any home can be affected. Even mid-terraces built over variable ground, such as old river beds, an issue that can be picked up by a structural survey before purchase.

For some underpinning foundations work at London premises, survey’s won't pick up if a neighbouring property, such as the other half of a semi-detached, has been underpinned. If you're looking at buying a home in an area with clay soil (particularly prevalent in the Southeast of England), don't be afraid to knock on nearby doors and ask if their property has been underpinned in the past.

At Alexson, we are known for being a trusted and experienced underpinning company in London. Thanks to our vast industry knowledge and experience, our underpinning team know that signs of potential subsidence can include cracks in the brickwork or render, and blown tiling on interior walls.

When it comes to doing underpinning work on your London property, keep in mind that there are several things that can cause blown tiles, including leaking pipes, so their presence should ring alarm bells – they mean something, somewhere is wrong. For more about underpinning in London, contact Alexson.

For all these issues, we are an underpinning company working with London clients to provide structural integrity and solid foundations, and we know the importance of this work.

Underpinning London Methods by best Underpinning Company

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Mass Concrete Underpinning Method (Pit Method)

For certain underpinning projects in London, the mass concrete method is the traditional one. This kind of underpinning for foundations in London buildings involves extending the old foundation until it reaches a stable stratum. Soil below the existing foundation is excavated in a controlled manner through stages or pins for this underpinning at London sites, a low-cost method for the shallow foundation.

Underpinning By Cantilever Needle Beam Method

As an experienced underpinning company in London, we often use the cantilever pit method. If the foundation has to be extended to one side and the plan possesses a stronger interior column, this method can be used for underpinning foundations at your London site.

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Mini Piled Underpinning

When it comes to underpinning foundations in London, this method can be implemented where the loads from the foundation have to be transferred to strata located at a distance greater than 5m. Our underpinning company teams in London know that this method is adaptable for soil that has variable nature, access is restrictive and causes environmental pollution problems.

Pile Method of Underpinning

Using this method for underpinning foundations in London buildings piles are driven on adjacent sides of the wall that supports the weak foundation, and a needle/pin penetrates through the wall that is in turn connected to the piles. Settlement in soil due to water clogging or clayey nature can be treated by this method of underpinning in London.

Pier and Beam Underpinning Method

For underpinning foundations in London properties, this method is known as base and beam method. This form of underpinning in London grew popular due to the mass concrete method being unsuitable for work of a huge depth, and it is feasible for most of the ground conditions. The size and depth of the beams are based on the ground conditions and applied loads.

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