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Steel reinforced concrete structures are a common sight when passing by many construction projects in London. You’ll often see the tops of reinforcing mesh for concrete slabs pointing up into the air like spikes.

This slab reinforcement technique is used for the strengthening of the concrete frame structure in key areas. These are points in the building that are going to be under the most stress and tension. Concrete frame construction in London is, therefore, very prevalent and something that we are specialists in here at Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd.

When it comes to reinforcement concrete frame construction in London, we are experts in our field. At Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd. we pride ourself on a results driven culture, shown in our successfully delivered reinforcement concrete projects all over London.

With steel reinforced concrete structures a common sight in the capital, you’ll often see the tops of reinforcing mesh for concrete slabs pointing up into the air like spikes proudly showing themself.

Using this slab reinforcement technique strengthens the concrete frame structure in key areas, and is a standard that we at Alexson are leading to promote.

Reinforced Concrete, our Guarantee Across London

Whatever your project, from large scale commercial reinforced concrete premises in London, to steel reinforced jobs that need to be done by true experts, Alexson is a name you can trust. When you need reinforced concrete slab work, or a concrete wire mesh, London is Alexson’s patch.


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Reinforced Concrete

Alexson has worked with reinforced concrete in London for many years, ensuring the safety and strength of building foundations across the city.

When it comes to the construction integrity of a structure, our use of reinforced concrete in London buildings sets industry standards, and ensure both peace of mind for the client, and trusted work across the city.

Whether it’s a high standard reinforced concrete slab that’s required, or a concrete wire mesh, in London, we work with engineers and tradesmen that only ever recommend and install the best solution for the individual project, quality that Alexson will always guarantee.

Steel Reinforced Concrete

Creating a building constructed to last, and providing steel reinforced concrete in London structures that excel safety requirements, that’s what Alexon proudly delivers.

With our years of experience working with steel reinforced concrete in London, we are able to assess what is needed, and work quickly and efficiently to get your steel reinforced concrete project completed.

From using reinforced concrete in London’s new builds, to working with steel reinforced concrete in London buildings that need enhanced structural fortification, our results will match exactly what your project needs.

When you need steel reinforced concrete in London, Alexson has got you covered.

Reinforced Concrete Slab

Construction starts with the right foundation for the appropriate project, and when it comes to needing a reinforced concrete slab to get it right, Alexson is here to help.

Using high quality reinforced concrete across London, each of our projects is carefully, safely planned, with all reinforced concrete requirements determined before we pour a single drop.

Saving time and money for customers is part of why our reinforced concrete slab work in London continues to build our reputation as we build structures. Whatever the size or scale of your project, our reinforced concrete work in London is guaranteed to deliver.

Steel Reinforced Concrete London: Why is Reinforcement in Concrete Important?

steel reinforced concrete London

When it comes to using reinforced concrete on London construction projects, there are many advantages. One of the major disadvantages of using regular concrete is the fact that it has a very low tensile strength that is practically exceeded at low levels of load.

Ultimately, not using steel reinforced concrete on your London building work can cause cracking of the concrete surfaces that in turns leads to aesthetical problems (large deflection of beams or slabs) for the serviceability limit state as well as structural integrity problems at the ultimate limit state.

On the other hand, reinforcing steel concrete commonly used on London construction work has rather high tensile strength and a symmetrical material constitutive law under tension and compression.

In construction, rebar alone that is subjected to compression fails prematurely due to buckling, so using steel reinforced concrete on London building projects can provide more structural integrity and strength, especially as it works effectively under tension and concrete works effectively under compression and confines the compression reinforcement.

When discussing the importance of reinforced and reinforced concrete slab usage in London, it is critical to note that the collaboration between concrete and reinforcing steel is facilitated by the fact that both materials have the same thermal expansion coefficient, which means that temperature variation does not cause additional internal stresses in the concrete-rebar interface.

Top 3 Advantages of Reinforced Concrete

Extra Strength: Reinforced Concrete London

As the word “reinforced” suggests, the reinforced concrete used on so many London construction projects provides extra strength and durability. Using reinforced concrete delivers a greater comprehensive strength than regular concrete as its able to hold more weight over more time. Reinforced concrete is a very important element of a large constructions. This is one of the reasons reinforced concrete is used across London.

Long Service Life: Reinforced Concrete Slab London

The reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete slabs used in a range of London construction projects tend to have a long service life with relatively low maintenance, and in turn, low maintenance cost, making this an attractive material and construction option.
Reinforced concrete is strong and durable, and requires very few repairs or replacements, making it often the most economical choice for many.

Steel Supports: Steel Reinforced Concrete London

Using reinforced concrete and steel reinforced concrete on your London construction site can help protect the steel supports often used in large scale structures. The supports in these projects are susceptible to the elements and corrosion over time, but the concrete provides a shield-like protection, allowing for greater longevity and structural soundness. It can even keep the structure safer in the event of fire.