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As a leading piling contractor in London, you’ll not be surprised to hear that Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd has a number of different piling methods that we can employ for the unique demands of each project we work on.

London top-soil, a clay-like substance, is not the best material to build strong foundations on. Subsidence and ground-movement are an epidemic in older buildings across the capital. Luckily, modern piling techniques can circumvent the issues of clay soil. You’ll find that contiguous piling in London is the most common. Also frequently employed are grundomat piling, sheet piling, mini piling systems.

When it comes to contiguous piling in London, we’re a leader in our industry. Alexson Structural and Groundworks Ltd. offers a wide range of piling services, working with clients to plan projects, and deliver results. Our sheet piling contractors are experienced and dedicated, and are some of the best piling contractors in London.

Using modern and trusted contiguous piling techniques, our experts are able to avoid the problems caused by topsoil, often found in older buildings in London. All our piling contractors are knowledgeable in why contiguous piling in London is the most common and most suggested method.

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Add to this our ability to deliver grundomat piling, sheet piling, and mini-piling in London, and you’ll understand why Alexon are trusted, and why clients are so continuously satisfied with the work and results of our experienced sheet contractors in London. Whatever you need, we’ll meet the unique demands of your project.


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Contiguous piling

When it comes to contiguous piling in London, Alexson has the experience to deliver your project. Our piling contractors in London work with clients, ensuring both safety and structures are delivered to the highest standard, and as customers demand.

Creating a foundation for a building is critical in construction, and whether it is contiguous piling for a London office building, or grundomat piling in London that is more advisable, our piling contractors will select the best approach for each project.

Our portfolio of projects shows that our contiguous piling in London provides peace of mind in terms of structural integrity.

Piling Contractors

Alexson is proud of not only our piling work across London, but the teams we deploy to deliver work to our clients.

From contiguous piling in London’s business districts, to grundomat piling across London, and even sheet piling contractors in London, we have dedicated professionals that build our reputation every time they build a foundation.

Whatever the size of your structure, of the nature of your project, our piling contractors in London are committed to cost-effective, and time sensitive working methods, ensuring clients are kept in the loop at at all times. Structural integrity from piling contractors that deliver results.

Grundomat Piling

Used mainly to support structures with some form of restricted access, Alexson offers grundomat piling in London, to ensure the safety of structures, as well as the accessibility of the premises.

When it comes to construction, grundomat piling in London premises can provide the sort of structural integrity that a building needs, acting as a critical element in the entire project.

From the use of high quality steel tubular bottom driven piles, welded together, to expert installation from start to finish, our piling contractors in London work to the highest industry standards, offering Alexson’s quality guarantee for all our work.

Origins of Contiguous Piling London
by best Piling Contractors

When it comes to the history of constructing buildings and contiguous piling in London, it dates back to ancient times when people used piles for constructing foundations on weak peat soils near rivers.

With settlements located close to lakes and rivers due to the availability of water, contiguous piling was the way forward, with weak bearing ground could be reinforced by the use of timber piles that were either manually forced into the ground, or fixed in holes that were filled with stones and sand.

In the UK, there is evidence of the Romans using timber piles in bridge works, something piling contractors still do today, while in mediaeval times, piles of oak and alder were used in the foundations of the great monasteries constructed in the fenlands of East Anglia.

In terms of contiguous piling in London, timber combines strength with lightness, offering sheet piling contractors in London both durability and ease of cutting and handling. Eventually, for contiguous piling work in London timber was replaced by steel and concrete, newer materials that piling contractors in London use to fabricate units capable of sustaining compressive, bending and tensile forces far beyond the capacity of a timber pile of like dimensions.

For work including grundomat piling and contiguous piling in London, steel has been used to an increasing extent, as it is easy to handle and can withstand hard driving.