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Building a basement in London can often be a tricky project. Existing structures vary in ages from modern-builds to building hundreds of years old. Combine this with other factors, such as the close proximity of neighbouring structures, the un-uniformed layout of streets, and the re-purposing of soil that has often been built upon dozens of times - and you can see how challenges can become complex.

Not to mention, the soil we work in frequently contains artefacts of historical relevance that need to be carefully excavated.

To combat these challenges, one of our go-to new build basement construction techniques is the use of poured concrete foundation walls. This offers stability against the over-used soil and ensures longevity. We use the same approach when taking on a concrete cellar construction project.

When you’re building a basement in London it’s rarely easy. That’s why you need basement construction experts.

From modern-builds to building hundreds of years old, every project has different basement construction needs. With the need to consider neighbouring structures, the multiple street layouts, , and the re-purposing of soil that has often been built upon dozens of times, the challenges are many.

Put simply, building a basement in London requires experience and expertise. That's where Alexson comes in.

Building our Reputation on Building
Basements In London

Our new build basement construction techniques across London have delivered success for many clients. From the construction of poured concrete foundation walls to large scale new build basement constructions across London, Alexson guarantees results for all clients.

Whatever your project, from start to finish, our approach when taking on a concrete cellar construction project is the same: results drive us, and that’s set in concrete.

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Major Types of Basement Construction

  • Poured Concrete Basement Construction London

    This method is one the most common methods used when carrying out basement construction London based. This is because it is simple, can stand up to water pressure, and is strong and economic. Concrete is poured to provide a footing for the foundation. Poured concrete foundation walls have many advantages, they are better at resisting fire and water pressure

  • Concrete Block For New Build Basement Construction London

    When you are looking at a new basement construction London project, this type of method is the most economical. It uses concrete blocks or masonry. The walls are made out of cinder blocks which can be constructed so much more quickly compared to pouring a concrete wall.

  • Precast Panels Used For Basement Construction London

    Basement construction London projects for new builds often use precast foundation walls, when they are fabricated elsewhere and then transported to the site to be installed. This saves both time and money.

Alexson - The best Basement Construction London Just build a basement with us!

Basement Construction

When it comes to basement construction in London, it may be at the bottom of your building, but it’s the top of our priorities.

Choosing to build a basement in London can be a difficult decision, with many building options and companies available. Alexson is all about basement construction in London that delivers results customers want, at a price they can afford.

Whether it’s a basement construction in a new build, or a basement construction in an old London property, using the best materials and trusted building methods becomes critical. We’re here to make building a basement in London easier.

New Build Basement Construction

Creating a new building is all about maximising space, and building a basement in London can be a pivotal part of the construction process.

Using high quality equipment and materials, our basement construction in London is known for creating great spaces in new builds across the capital. A new build basement construction in London requires expert planning, and completing it needs expert tradesmen at all times.

When you decide on a new build basement construction in London, let us deliver the space you want, the peace of mind you deserve, that’s what makes us the basement construction company to trust.

Poured Concrete Foundation Walls

Installed to the highest industry standards, our poured concrete foundation walls in London properties stand the test of time, and offer sturdy solutions for construction projects.

Our expert contractors work with clients to establish the best foundational needs of their project, ascertaining whether poured concrete foundation walls in best for your London premises.

Creating the right foundations for an building is critical, which is why Alexson guarantees all our work, giving deserved peace of mind to clients, regardless of their project. Whether a basement construction in London homes, or building a new basement , our poured concrete foundation walls, we deliver.

If you're considering building a basement construction London project there are options for the placement of the construction.

Building a Basement in Retrofit Style

The most common location is under the house, this is called a retrofit. Contractors excavate and construct the basement directly under your house. This work continues while you and your family remain within your home, with minimum disruption of your family's routine..

Sub- basement construction

Another option for building a basement London job is sub-basement construction. In this situation multiple level basements are built. These are popular when storage areas or wine cellars are needed, or the construction of swimming pools.

Under Garden Basement Construction

The final option is an under garden basement construction; this option involves excavation under the garden and the subsequent building of a room underground..