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Timber formwork has been a main-stay of building construction for thousands of years. When it comes to the prevalence of concrete formwork London placed and around the world, the last several centuries have seen the introduction and growth of this kind of formwork. Formwork construction London has also seen the development of more modernised versions of this building method, which now include aluminum formwork, amongst others.

Formwork is the use of various materials to create molds of concrete. Like their supporting falseworks, formworks are also temporary and they are removed once the molds are set and ready to take on the duties required of them. As you would expect, Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd is a pioneer of new methods among formworks companies in London.

For thousands of years, Timber formwork in London has been a main-stay of building construction. In recent centuries, the introduction of concrete formwork and column formwork across London has become more widespread, with modernised versions of this building method now including aluminum formwork, amongst others.

Formwork London incorporates the use of various materials to create molds of concrete, a mainstay of formwork construction methodology.

Like their supporting falseworks, formworks are also temporary, removed once the molds are set and ready to take on the duties required. Alexson Structural & Groundworks Ltd continues to be a proud pioneer of new methods among formworks companies in London.

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When it comes to concrete formwork in London, every project matters, and compromise is not a word we use. Each client has differing needs, and our formwork construction expertise allows us to deliver, and guarantee our work, every time.


Steps to Follow During Formwork Construction on London Sites

  • As an established concrete formwork company, we know the importance of doing things properly, wherever the construction project may be. When it comes to doing formwork construction London placed, it usually involves the following operations:

  • Propping and Centering

    This kind of formwork London popular, is built to resist various types of dead and living loads, making it extremely durable. 

  • Shuttering With Timber Formwork London

    Formwork construction involves shuttering that is firmly built and effectively hung both horizontally and vertically to maintain its proper shape.

  • Provision of Camber Including Formwork Construction London

    To counteract the effect of deflection, it is desirable to place upward camber in horizontal members of the concrete structure (especially long spanned members). This is an important element of all formwork construction projects. 

  • Cleaning and Surface Treatment Alongside Formwork London

    The joints in the formwork construction London should have been tightened to remove the leakage of cement grout and unwanted contaminants from the work surface.

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Concrete Formwork

When it comes to concrete formwork London, we’re not here to break the mold, we’re here to help you make it.

Our years of industry experience, delivering projects of all sizes that require concrete formwork in London, ensures that we can get you work done to the specifications you require.

From large scale foundation projects, to smaller premises, we use concrete formwork in London buildings of all sizes, and our experienced tradesmen work to keep customers satisfied, and structures safe. From start to finish, our formwork construction in London comes with our Alexson guarantee, with quality as our trademark.

Formwork Construction

When it comes to construction, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. With years of experience as our guide, our formwork construction in London is designed to deliver structural safety and the desired results.

Whether it’s concrete formwork for a new London office, or timber formwork in a London character property, our tradesmen are there to set industry standards.

Using high quality materials and equipment, we establish the project parameters, and proceed to offer formwork construction in London that set us apart, and give customers the Alexson guarantee. Cost effective formwork construction in London, that’s our Alexson mission.

Timber Formwork

As well as being known for many other kinds of formwork in London, Alexson continues to lead with way in timber formwork.

From grand old buildings in need of structural work, to new premises that need a great start, our timber formwork in London is designed to offer bespoke solutions for individual project needs.

No two projects are the same, which is why our timber formwork London teams work to client specifications, to ensure both structural as well as aesthetic results aimed to please. When it comes to timber formwork in London, Alexson will help your project build for success.

Formworks London for Square and Rectangular Columns
by best Formwork Construction Company

When it comes to formwork construction London, these are frameworks of materials used to enclose concrete mixtures of different shapes and sizes, a temporary structure built to enable easy to assembly and disassembly.

For formwork construction work in London formworks need to be economical, stable, and reusable, with timber formwork, wood, metal, plastic and composite materials all options. May formwork construction in London favours wood and metal. In formwork building in London, builders have to make sure that it can withstand the pressure and tear and wear.

Formwork construction London placed, that is designed for square and rectangular columns consists of plywood forms surrounding the four long lateral faces of a column. Using plywood for timber formwork in London properties is economical and handy. For this kind of formwork in your London project, consider first the size of the plywood and consider the size of the lumber or wood frame.

In timber formwork at London sites, lumber or wood frame supports the plywood. For all formwork in London, you should consider the type of framework you should use. The continuous rib type and stud type are the two types of a wood framework for formworks across London.

Concrete Formwork London: Different Types Of Formwork – Based On Material

Timber Formwork

When it comes to various types of formwork used in London construction, timber formwork is one of the most commonly used and popular, usually fabricated on site using timber.

This kind of timber formwork for London construction is easy to produce but time-consuming for larger structures, as curved shapes can’t be produced economically.

Timber shuttering and timber formwork should satisfy the following requirement:

  • Lightweight
  • Well-Seasoned
  • Free from termite attacks
  • Easily Workable

Plywood Formwork (In Combination With Timber)

An artificially manufactured wooden material, this kind of formwork construction is used in many London construction projects and is available in different thickness and sizes. Using this kind of formwork on your London project makes your structure strong, as plywood timber is strong, durable and lightweight, also allowing you to create a smooth cement surface.

Steel Formwork

In formwork construction at London sites, steel formwork has become more popular. It has a long-lifetime and multiple time reuses, though steel formwork is a more costly option. When it comes to formwork in London, steel shuttering is known for creating smooth finishes to concrete surfaces and is highly suitable for circular or curved structures.

Aluminium Formwork

Aluminium formwork used on London construction is somewhat similar to steel formwork, though aluminium forms are lighter due to low density, a distinct advantage. This kind of formwork construction when used on London buildings makes shuttering more economical if large numbers of repeating usage are made in construction. though no alteration is possible once the formwork is constructed.

Plastic Formwork

Often used in formwork construction companies in London, plastic formwork is lightweight, with interlocking mechanisms that can be used multiple times, with plastic shuttering particularly useful where similar construction shape structures are needed.

Coffor Formwork

Coffor is a structural stay-in-place shuttering used in concrete formwork construction work in London, made of two filtering grids, in which vertical stiffeners are reinforced. After the placement of this kind of formwork on your London construction, concrete is poured between the grids and excess water is drained through grids.

Fabric Formwork

Fabric formwork is used for formwork construction on London sites that involve irregularly shaped members. Fabric formwork London provides an opportunity for the construction of efficient and architecturally marvellous structural members.